Benefits of Physical Therapy

Performance Physical Therapy is a special area of physical therapy that focuses on rehabilitation and physical activity for people who have injured their backs, hips, knees, or other parts of the body. Performance PT is especially useful for people who are experiencing pain, discomfort, or other symptoms related to their back, hip, knee, or another musculoskeletal system. Many people who have injured their backs, hips, knees, or other parts of their body have experienced pain that they are now able to overcome without surgery.

Performance Physical Therapy

Performance Physical Therapy has several sites conveniently located around Folsom, Sacramento, Roseville, Rancho Cucamonga, and East Sacramento. The therapists at the locations in Roseville and Rancho Cucamonga offer aquatic therapy as part of their overall rehabilitation program. Patients may benefit from this therapy after a serious back injury or after recovering from an operation. Aquatic therapy helps patients with strengthening their muscles in order to increase range of motion, improve mobility, and improve muscle tone and strength.

There are many benefits of Performance PT, including increased mobility and decreased pain. Many physical therapy therapists at other rehabilitation centers offer physical therapy programs to patients who are having trouble walking or getting around. Those with hip or knee injuries may also find benefit from performance PT services.

In Performance PT, the therapists begin with an evaluation of the patient’s medical history. During the assessment, a physical examination is performed to assess the patient’s condition, and the therapist will ask questions about the patient’s history and current activities. An evaluation is done with respect to balance, stability, range of motion, range of impact, strength, and range of movement. The therapist will also look to see if the patient has any joint issues such as arthritis or dislocated joints. These evaluations can include X-rays and MRIs to determine the severity of the injuries.

Performance PT is usually part of a rehabilitation program. This therapy may be offered by a physical therapist, athletic trainer, chiropractor, physician, or some other doctor. It is usually not covered by insurance and the patient may need to pay a portion of the costs for it. A therapist may also recommend that the patient undergo physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles around the injured area.

Athletes who participate in sports activities may need to undergo performance physical therapy as part of their rehabilitation for the treatment of injuries to their bodies. Athletes with knee, hip, or shoulder injuries may be recommended to go through this therapy if the condition does not improve with normal exercises.

Patients who participate in performance physical therapy may also experience other benefits, such as improved range of motion, pain relief, increased flexibility, and overall flexibility. Patients with spinal cord injuries may find that this type of therapy is helpful in helping them overcome their pain and return to normal daily activities.

Performance PT is designed to be a safe and comfortable therapy that helps the patient to return to good health. If the client is not ready to start a program at a specific physical therapy center, they may want to talk to their doctor about some of the programs available. Some physical therapists at various rehabilitation centers will work with the client to set up a customized program that is most beneficial for their needs.

Physical therapy can be a great choice for people with injuries due to accidents, sports injuries, accidents due to falls, or diseases that affect the spine. If a physical therapist can help the client with a program that suits their needs, it may help them to gain back their independence and get back to living a normal life.

Performance PT may be performed in physical therapy in an office setting, but many physical therapists also offer private treatments at home or in their offices. In most cases, it is recommended that people work with a physical therapist to establish a plan for their individual needs.

Performance PT is not just for athletes; anyone can benefit from this type of physical therapy. There are many people who seek it for other reasons, such as those who are suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, people who are recovering from accidents, or people who are recovering from injuries to the spinal cord.