Discover Hands On Physical Therapy For Total Body Conditioning

Hands On Physical Therapy offers the most effective care you require in a nurturing, non-judgmental environment. You get quality help for Arthritis conditions, including Rheumatoid arthritis. Treatments for back/soft tissue injuries as well as fractures.

Arthritis pain is debilitating and can affect your ability to do the things you love. Finding relief from pain is your number one priority. Hands-On Physical Therapy offers state-of-the-art physical therapy techniques to treat and prevent chronic pain and injury. We use a combination of manual therapy techniques and massage to relieve sore muscles and promote healing. Our goal is to offer you pain relief that lasts!

Hands-On Physical Therapy uses a variety of methods to help patients strengthen weak and stretched muscles, stretch tight muscles, and improve range of motion and posture. Our qualified physical therapists are committed to using the safest and most effective techniques to alleviate pain and stiffness. They are skilled at using a range of techniques from basic hand to upper body exercises for total body conditioning and overall health.

An example of a basic Hands-On Physical Therapy exercise is the Five Finger Static Stretch. Take a towel or washcloth, add a few inches to it, and lay it on your palm. Turn your hand over so your palm faces out and grasp the towel with two fingers, leaving your thumb free. Keeping your wrists straight, slowly stretch back and forth using your thumbs and forearms on both sides. Repeat five times.

Hands-On Physical Therapy is the safest way to manage pain and improve health. Your physical therapist is trained to recognize your unique needs and tailor a program of treatment to address your specific needs. There are many different types of physical therapy techniques including exercise, stretching, and massage. Some therapists specialize in a particular area such as skeletal, neurological, diabetic, or sports injuries.

Hands-On Physical Therapy has been shown to improve range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion. Patients often find that their range of motion has increased and there are noticeable improvements in muscle strength. Some people also notice that they are more alert and able to move comfortably after having their hands massaged. Massage therapy can be used for more specific conditions such as: tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, shoulder bursitis, repetitive strain injury, spondyloysis, slip disks, and herniated disks.