How to Choose a Contractor for HVAC Service

An HVAC contractor may be exactly what you need when you need professional HVAC services for your home, office, or industrial space. These professionals are trained HVAC technicians who are licensed and trained to fix electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems. When a structure or room needs help, HVAC contractors are often called upon to help with indoor air quality, duct maintenance, filter replacement, furnaces, heaters, and more. If you have a leaking refrigerant drain, corroded air filters, a clogged air duct, or an improperly balanced furnace, an HVAC contractor can help you fix the problem. Whether you need a furnace repair, HVAC duct cleaning, furnace repair or some other type of service, contacting a HVAC professional will help you avoid expensive mistakes and save you time and money. Here are a few key points to remember when it comes time to seek out the services of an HVAC professional.

When you are calling on hvac contractors for help, it is important that you know what type of work they do. Most contractors have a variety of specialties, including refrigeration, ac/dc, heating and cooling, and plumbing. If you were having leaks in your air conditioner, call a contractor who specializes in refrigeration repairs. If you were needing HVAC ducts replaced, call a contractor who is familiar with copper, air ducts, insulating foil, rubber sheet metal, and more.

When it comes to finding an HVAC professional, it is important that you do your research. Find out what types of certifications these HVAC technicians have. A quick Internet search will yield websites for certification, licensing and affiliations. Contact at least two HVAC contractors and ask questions about their experience and knowledge about new equipment. It is also important that you ask about their training and education.

Look for HVAC professionals who offer warranty on labor and installation. This should include some form of guarantee for their work, even if the contractor’s own HVAC system has problems after the install is complete. Warranties help customers avoid expensive repair bills, which is why many homeowners choose to invest in HVAC repair instead of replacing their existing equipment.

If you are calling on HVAC professionals to install, repair, or replace HVAC equipment in your home, find out how long the technicians have been working on HVAC systems. There is no sense in hiring a contractor with only six months of experience installing heating systems. HVAC technicians with at least three years of experience are preferable, so that you know that they have the experience needed to repair your home heating systems or install a furnace. Ask about the training of technicians who will be handling the installation of HVAC equipment in your home.

It is important that HVAC contractors take good care of their heating and cooling equipment. Regular maintenance helps keep the equipment working properly and reduces the risk of accidents, such as fire. In addition, HVAC equipment requires regular HVAC maintenance, such as cleaning filters, cleaning lines, and testing refrigerant levels. The quality of maintenance depends on whom the contractor is working for, since some maintenance services are carried out by state-approved HVAC agencies while some are carried out by independent companies. When considering a contractor to provide your HVAC services, find out whether they provide maintenance services and whether they offer HVAC service plans.