Rekey Locks – Duplicate Key Information

Rekey locks are a popular choice among many home owners because of the ease of installation and repair. The idea is to replace the key with a duplicate from a set and then reset it using a duplicate key and code number. While the idea is easy enough to do, there is one key detail you must know. It is a critical part of the rekeying process that is not talked about in most homes and can make all the difference.

Rekeying a lock involves taking out all the pins in the lock and reassembling them using a key that has been duplicated. However, the key used to rekey the lock is completely different than the original key. The duplicate key has a different pin number that was used for the original key.

This means that if the duplicate key is copied and used to open a lock, the pin number and the key combination that you get will be different from the original key. The reason why it is so important to know that the pin number you use is different from the original is because it can create many problems down the road.

In the case of duplicating a key, you want to make sure that it matches the key in the lock you are rekeying so that the lock works like it should. The problem here is that sometimes the duplicate key can get into your lock without your knowledge.

If you do not change the pin numbers on the keys in your lock you are working on, you may be able to get the duplicate key into your lock, but it will have the same pin number as your original key. Once that happens, you will not be able to rekey your lock without knowing the pin number of the original key.

If you want to change the pin numbers on the duplicate key, you need to know how to do this. You can get a book on rekeying locks from a store or from online sources where you can learn the necessary steps. You just need to be aware of the possibility that you could create a problem for yourself and learn how to solve it.

For example, if you get the duplicate key into the lock and forget the pin number, you will not be able to get the lock back open and you may have to call the company that manufactured the lock to let them know what it is. The same is true if you do not get the right pin number when you are working on the duplicate key.

By knowing how to change the pin numbers on a duplicate key you can help prevent you from having to rekey your lock and the cost of the new lock. You just need to be careful in changing the pin number so that you do not end up opening your lock and losing valuable items.