Social Media Marketing: Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media marketing (SMM) is a way to use social media handles to build your brand, promote business, interact with a mass audience, and increase sales. It involves publishing engaging content on your social media profiles, analysing results.

Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat are the platforms where you can connect with your audience and engross them in multiple activities.

There are varieties of tools and techniques available to help you spread your idea of business. Four pillars help you to make your brand or boost the growth rate of your business.

Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing

·         Strategy 

The first step towards any dream project is to create a blueprint of your brand or business. The blueprint of the brand should be clear about what are you expecting the outcome from your page. Pick platforms which are used by maximum people, on which you think you can target more audiences.

Social Media

  • Planning and Publishing 

People from each age group have social media accounts. Publishing on social media is just sharing an image, video, or blog related to your business or brand. Sharing about it will help your audience get a better understanding of your brand. You will have to plan your content as spontaneous sharing may affect the quality of your content. Schedule days in a week on which you will be sharing your content and stick to it.

  • Listening and Engaging

At first, you may not have enough audience to engage with consistent posting will help your page. People will tag you in their social media post with better quality of content; the chance of sharing your content will increase accordingly.

Always try to know your audience by checking comments and direct messages. Conversing with your followers will help you know their mindset and will help you understand what they demand from you.

  • Analytics 

Analysing the metrics is one of the main aspects of social media marketing. It gives you a clear view of how your account is growing, which types of posts are more engaging, what type of content is more preferred by the audience.

  • Advertising

Social ads are something that helps you spread awareness about your brand. More creativity more it will catch the eyes of your audience. Proper advertising techniques will help you reaching more audience and it will display your content to targeted audience.

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