Stay Up-to-Date – Catching Up with the Latest Telugu Movies on OTT

In entertainment, staying updated with the newest Telugu movies is simpler than ever, thanks to platforms like aha.aha provides many films to suit different preferences and has become a popular choice for Telugu movie fans. Here are the movies to watch on aha OTT for any movie lover.

1. Dochevaravarura 

Senior director Siva Nageswara Rao, known for successful movies like Money and Sisindri in the past, recently returned to filmmaking after several years with the comedy action film Dochevaravarura.

In the movie, Siddu Sr. and Siddu Jr. steal to make a living. One day, senior Siddu falls in love at first sight with Lucky (Malavika Satheeshan), and they develop a mutual affection. Siddu then assists Lucky in resolving her difficulties. 

Meanwhile, Vimal hires PK Satthi to kill his wife, Parvathi. To uncover the reasons behind Vimal’s intentions towards Parvathi, the connection between Satti and Siddu, and the subsequent developments in the story, one must watch the movie Dochevaravarura.

2. Bhamakalapam

AHA has been releasing some great films lately. Up next is “Bhama Kalapam” starring Priyamani.

In the Telugu full movies, Anupama is a popular YouTuber who is curious about other people’s lives. She becomes intrigued by her neighbors, a couple who frequently argue. One day, she decides to visit their home to uncover the source of their conflict, only to find herself caught up in a murder investigation. 

To make matters worse, a dangerous gangster starts targeting her. The story revolves around discovering who was murdered, the involvement of the gangster, and how Anupama manages to escape from these dangerous situations.

3. Samajavaragamana

Sree Vishnu, a promising actor, stars in the new movie “Samajavaragamana” directed by Ram Abbaraju, which premiered today. The film had gained attention before its release.

The story follows Bala Subrahmanyam, who works as a ticket seller at a popular cinema in Hyderabad. Balu’s father, Uma Maheshwara Rao, works hard to finish his degree and meets Sarayu during an exam. 

Later, Sarayu becomes a paying guest at Uma’s home and falls in love with Balu, who usually sees all girls as sisters. Over time, Balu also begins to develop feelings for Sarayu. However, Balu discovers a shocking truth about Sarayu’s family. The Telugu full movie revolves around what happens next and how Balu resolves the situation.

4. Malli Pelli

Narendra is a known Telugu actor. Despite having a vast amount of wealth, he struggles to find peace of mind due to multiple failed marriages. He later marries Soumya Sethupathi, but this marriage also fails to bring him peace.

One day, while working on a film set, Narendra meets Parvathy, a Kannada actress. Over time, Narendra develops feelings for Parvathy and expresses them to her. Parvathy’s romantic life has been difficult, but she hesitates to start a relationship with Narendra because she fears media attention.

Their challenges in pursuing a relationship become crucial to their story’s plot.

In conclusion

Keeping track of the newest Telugu movies on aha   OTT is a great experience for movie lovers and those who just enjoy watching films. Whether you want popular hits or unique films, aha is a convenient and exciting place to discover Telugu cinema. So, start your fun movie journey with aha.

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