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Home Improvement ideas

With the isolation of COVID-19 that had peopled stuck within their houses for months at an end, people are looking to rejuvenate their houses, add a little spark. Everyone and their mothers tried a little something new to decorate their place during the pandemic, whether just cleaning or DIY arts, we were just THAT bored. Now that everything is going back to normal, people are starting to work on realising their ideal homes.

Here’s Some Tips on How to Do That:

Minimalism is OUT

Sorry, we’re just not doing that anymore. While pastels are definitely in (seriously just take a look anywhere, reels, shorts, tik toks, everything is a nice calm shade of pastel), people have moved on from minimalism. Maximalism is in. We’re collecting trinkets now. We’re doing fairy lights, souvenirs, candles, and posters whatever, just make sure to order a bundle! There has been a push against the laid back tones of white and blue and grey, people now want a variety, something pretty to look at, not something which resembles a sanatorium cell. Youngsters are covering their walls in posters, anime, k-pop, dark academia, you call it, and they got it! While more mature adults are going for things like those beautiful punch needle rugs we all saw and coveted during the pandemic (here’s to small businesses!) All of this is to give a warm vibe to houses, some personality, little trinkets to show interests and memories.

Home Improvement ideas


The new trend, especially for kitchens is multiple windows. The internet went mad after seeing Dakota Johnson’s green kitchen on an interview. Leafy views, proper sunlight is essential now. There’s no denying the positive effects of sunlight on people and pets alike, its no wonder that after being stuck inside so long people are left wanting more warmth and brightness. Psychological research supports that sunlight is essential if one wants to feel calm, happy and avoid falling into lethargy.

Siri: To buy or not to buy?

This is complex. While the entire world seems to be moving towards incorporating more technology into our lives and making them easier, there is a violent wave in the opposite direction as well. Do you want a smart microwave which connects to the Wi-Fi and dies in three years because well, heat, it melts the internal wiring and they haven’t found a way around it yet. While smart appliances seem to be the trend, people are worried; attaching home security to a network seems hardly secure in an age where companies make profit from selling data. But for people with disabilities, smart appliances are definitely more useful than anything.

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